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Hiking Tips

Plan your trip carefully, know where you are going and where you want to stay each night. Protect yourself and the environment.

1. Be responsible and enjoy the lake and the surrounding environment.
2. Give a friend or relative a description of your itinerary in case you get lost or in case an emergency situation arises.
3. Keep all pets on a leash at all times. You are responsible for your dogs at all times.
4. Know your physical limitations. Do not overestimate your physical condition or the terrain.
5. Be aware of the poisonous snakes, plants, mushrooms and animals that could potentially be threatening in the area that you will be hiking.
6. Please refrain from damaging plants, flowers and trees around the lake.. Most damage occurs when individuals pick flowers, cut limbs, or tear off leaves.
7. Stay on the trail! This message is often heard any time a person is outdoors for a reason - to avoid getting lost or hurt. One solution is GPS.
8. Take a first-aid kit and bring insect repellent to avoid chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes in the spring and summer months.
9. Take precautions with smoking materials. Each year many fires are a result of carelessness.Being aware will prevent the ever-present danger of wildfires.
10. Always take extra water and snacks for hikes of any distance. Food is obviously very important resource, I carry as much as possible when I hike.
11. Consider the amount of gear, footwear, and clothing that is appropriate for the trail and season. Have fun and enjoy Beaver Lakes trails.

Make sure your equipment checklist is complete!!!!!

Trail Regulations:

  • Leave alcolholic beverages at the campsite.
  • Keep the trail clean and pick up litter.
  • Ride bikes and motorized vehicles on hard surface roads only.
  • Camp and build campfires in designated areas, not along trails.
  • Keep glass containers off trails.

Campgrounds with hiking trails